Monday, July 03, 2006

My Vlog

Paris and Alexa

Watch the video
Since this is my first vlog post, I am exploring with and blogger for doing some video-blogging tastiness.
Alexa and I are just hangin out on a nice summer day in Manhattan. We were about to go out but thought to do a pixelation using istopmotion...


At 7/07/2007 09:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I watched your video clips today and find it very interesting and i can see that you speak very good english too.

I am just wondering if you would be keen to work from home at your own time and potentially earn USD 120 in a week? Our company ECpod in HK is looking for english speakers to help in the recording of short video clips from home.

These video clips will be used for educational purposes (teaching english to chinese students). We pay USD 120 for a total of 65 video clips (2-3min for each clip) and if you do less than 65 clips, we can still pay you an attractive rate of USD 1.20 per clip. There is no time limit on how fast you have to deliver the clips to us. Some of our contributors do it in less than a week and some do it in 2-3 weeks. So it is entirely up to you. We will just look at each clip and make sure the content is suitable for teaching purposes, sound is clear and picture quality is ok. You can just use a normal digital video camera / web camera to record these videos of yourself, your friends or even your pet.

We let you come up with the topics to teach in English and most of our students are mandarin speakers whom want to learn english. You will be the teacher and producer of the video clips.

Here are the samples (these samples are recorded in mandarin in order to teach mandarin to English speakers. In your case, we would like you to do the opposite instead. You record your video clips in English and we use it to teach the mandarin speakers.

Sample 1: Smart Piano Gal

Sample 2: Facial Expression

Sample 3: Living Room

Sample 4: Piano Girl Revision

Sample 5: Open Bank Account

If you would like to find out more, please contact us at Or if you would like to start right away, you can send us 1-2 sample video clips and let us comment to you. Once its ok, you may continue to send us more clips and we will pay you accordingly via paypal. Thanks.

Rgds, K. Lay
ECpod Company Pte Ltd
Hong Kong


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