Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Words without borders

Here is a really cool book my instructor Nancy Hechinger gave me to look at today. I really like it already.

my sister reacts to an article in the paper

Watch the video
again, aljazeera international asked for reactions to the 9/11 coverage. I interview my sister reacting to an article in the New York Post that completely misinterpreted Iran and Islam.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Al Jazeera video request...the media and Iran

Watch the video

I got an email like this one day, and submitted this video response. Here is a bit of the message that I got from Al Jazeera International:

"The Listening Post', is a weekly programme that will take a long hard look
at the global media - how the news is reported, what the big stories of the
week are, what the small quirky stories are and most importantly what the
world thinks of how certain news is reported. The programme will be
broadcast on Al Jazeera's new English language channel, Al Jazeera

I am producing a feature of the programme called Global Village Voices, this
is where we hear from people all over the world about what they think of the
media. We want people to contribute via video and the internet with comments
of one to two minutes. This is where you would come in shopuld you be
interested. We want to get a perspective from as many angles as possible.

Al Jazeera International is a new channel that is being broadcast from
London, Washington, Kuala Lumpar and Qatar. It is english language (despite
being Arab funded) and may go some way to balancing the western media.

The Global Village Voices will include video comments vlog style. Its is our
philosophy here that we get a representative and balanced range of people
rather than high quality footage (the rest of the programme is shot on HD).
I am producing a piece this week on the media and Iran."

i must apologize for the awful editing job, there are a lot of jump cuts, and I am not sure what they will end up using--but this is what I sent to them. Before I sent anything they told me they will only be airing 20 or 30 seconds of it, and wanted only a few minutes of commentary.

Now that I am back in the US

I only just started videoblogging this year. So I feel that I have discovered the wonderous joys of vlogging...now wherever I go, all I can think about is how bad I wish I had a camera.

So today I bought one!! Yay. back to vlogging! I missed sharing some great moments though... people dancing and playing on the subway, on the street, some really interesting people, everywhere I go! But life is full of fascinating surprises, non?

I have a camera now.

love it.